We've worked with Triple SSS for several years now and couldn't be happier. Triple SSS has been the development editor on a few of our projects and the process was smooth every step of the way. It's very clear when working with Triple SSS that they possess great experience and expertise in print and digital publishing. Its always a pleasure working with them, and we look forward to working with them again soon.

– Marcelo Oliver, President
Body Scientific International, LLC

It’s a pleasure working with the entire Triple SSS team. They are patient, thorough, and very knowledgeable. They are flexible and adaptive to constantly changing project demands. There have been many challenges with our digital project – new processes; many new people – and Marion’s team has stayed the course and worked very closely with me to negotiate every hurdle. Our communication has been strong and I am confident that we will have a solid product when all is said and done.

– Scott Harris, Lead Digital Content Editor
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Triple SSS provides the flexibility, creativity, and scrutiny necessary to support digital product development with the requisite responsiveness. They have the experience and attention to detail you expect from content people and capable project managers, but the forward thinking problem solving of a media company.

– Peter Sabatini, Senior Digital Media Editor
Pearson Humanities and Social Sciences

Triple SSS manages the review process just the way I would do it if I had more time. They saved me hours, maybe even weeks, by locating reviewers, managing deadlines, and delivering a complete review summary that I can send directly to my author. The on-line tools are easy for our reviewers to use, and yielded relevant detail for my author. I recommend their services to anyone who wants to stay close to their development projects and appreciates a streamlined, flexible process.

– Mary Clyne, Product Manager
Delmar Cengage Learning

I just wanted to update you that I’ve finished reviewing the 5 RRT clinical simulations and released them to the freelancers who will be building the HTML5 shell for us. The simulations look fantastic! I’m so excited for our customers to see the finished product in December. They will love it!

– Joy Robbins
North Star Learning

You are our go-to supplement writer!

– Sara Bempkins, Editor
Jones and Bartlett Learning

Triple SSS has been tremendously responsive, organized and thoughtful in their project management. A great asset, especially for first-time authors. They have been instrumental in working with authors prepare their manuscripts to meet our production standards and requirements.

– Stephen Smith, Program Manager
Cengage/Health Care

Working with the staff at Triple SSS is a pleasure. They are accommodating, careful, exacting, and respectful of the need for flexibility and efficiency. They provide quality services on tight deadlines—all the while maintaining a cheerful, customer-focused demeanor and attitude.

– Renee Gagliardi, Product Director
Wolters Kluwer Health

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