Digital/Print Content Development

All-Inclusive Digital and Print Content Development
You hire your authors; we do the rest, including help them create sample content and develop their content with strategic and competitive intent, peer review and preparation for production, regardless of medium of delivery! Email 
  • At the heart of Triple SSS's success is our continued focus on author management and manuscript development, knowing that behind every successful author is a powerful and effective development plan and team.
  • Triple SSS's project management process requires planning discussions and weekly progress checks, and replanning where necessary.
  • We make sure you meet the challenges of your competitive environment while also making sure the development is in concert with your company’s production requirements.
  • We use current year MDR data ( a Dun and Bradstreet company) to help find and qualify reviewer leads at colleges and universities of all sizes.

Mapping Content
We have extensive experience in taking your current content and mapping or “pulling out the correct pieces needed” to build your online courseware and in the process, can identify and create the additional content required to make your product successful

On-line Product Management
Sometimes you simply need someone to guide a tricky on-line project through its content development. Or an author may need that guidance in using a template and you don't have the resources to devote to this author. Triple SSS can guide authors through the process or take on writing content development for such a product.
Peer Review and Competitive Analyses
Triple SSS professionals have in-depth experience with the entire peer content review process. After all, this is the stage at which you are first selling! We leverage the right mix of discipline expertise and marketing knowledge to help you address today's most important strategic issues for product development. Other review services include:
  • Compilation of reviews to create a synopsis.
  • Edition-to-edition comparisons.
  • Competition-to-edition comparisons.
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