We are in our 15th year as of 11/1/16!

As we celebrate our 14+years in business, we also look back at the industry evolution and ours since we started in publishing and since we became a service provider. In 2002, online courseware was still scant at best and was 3% of our business. Creating content for digital platforms is now 75% of our business, and growing. In 2002, we produced all print product, working with our clients' authors. We now author most of the content we provide. 

  • Completion of 196 Short Math Videos
  • Animation
  • Scriptwriting

In December 2016, we finished a year-long video project creating short math introductory videos for a large online HS. For samples of those videos, email

  • Courseware 

We now provide curriculum consultation as well as courseware creation and enhancements directly to colleges and our publishing clients. In addition, we wrote 160 scripts in the following HS-level areas: science, math, ELA, all produced into video for online test preparation. 

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